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Planning & Development

Marble Surface

We provide strategic advice to our clients on the design and execution of development projects, and on-going support to ensure real value creation and project success. Our offerings range from short-term, discreet feasibility engagements to the development of business plans and project proposals, to ongoing project development and the execution of larger initiatives.

Our methodology follows a classical project management process approach- initiate, plan, execute and close-out. We have successfully executed projects across the Caribbean, controlling project creep, managing stakeholder expectations, managing project risk and executing projects on time, on budget. 

We are expert in navigating the regulatory and statutory approval process, taking a proactive approach to ensure compliance and secure the necessary approvals, thereby avoiding project delays. 

Our approach is highly collaborative. While we provide an independent perspective, we continue to engage our clients so that they remain highly involved, there is ownership in the proposed solutions and a shared feeling of accomplishment in the results.

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